How to Prep Your Home For Sale On A Budget

How to Prep Your Home For Sale On A Budget

By InspireU Homes 08 November, 2017


You may be ready to sell your home, but an important question to ask yourself is if your home is ready to be sold? This can be an overwhelming thought because once we truly evaluate the condition of our own homes we may discover that perhaps they are not as ready as we thought they were. When we reach this realization, then fear may easily set in about how expensive it may be to prepare our homes for the marketplace, but fear not as I have some simple fixes to maximize your home’s potential on a budget.


First thing is to remember that you can’t make a first impression twice and with your home the first impression starts with the exterior. So here are some simple things to spruce things up outside.


1. Make sure your lawn is mowed and your weeds are pulled.
2. Try planting some fresh annual flowers to add color and beauty to your front yard. They are inexpensive and you can pick them up at any Home and Garden store.
3. Add potted plants to your walkway and near your front door.
4. Put a nice new welcome mat outside of your door.
5. Power wash the exterior of your home and make sure all of your windows are clean.
6. Make sure all light fixtures are in working order (usually a simple bulb replacement can assure this).


These simple and inexpensive tips will go far in giving your home some curb appeal. For those of you who may have a bit of a bigger budget, then freshly painted front doors and new fixtures can also help to up the ante on your home.


Now let’s move indoors!


A very important aspect in selling your home is to have a clean home and a clutter-free home as well, so always start there. Anything that is causing clutter should either be packed away, donated, or thrown away. You make the decision, but regardless, it must be out of your home.


Also, make sure rooms have a clear identity. So if you are using your formal dining room as a place to store all of your kids toys, then it’s crucial that those toys be put away and relocated somewhere else. In other words, the dining room upon showings should be set up as just that, a dining room, with a dining room table and chairs only.


Another inexpensive way to freshen up your interior space is fresh paint, preferably in neutral colors that can appeal to most buyers. If you don’t mind a little work and sweat equity, painting the walls can make a huge difference in the appeal of your home.


If you have carpet and find a professional carpet cleaning too expensive, then rent a carpet steamer and clean them yourself. You can rent them at most home-improvement stores.


Make sure all furniture and door frames are polished and dust all ceiling fans and chandeliers as those can be easily forgotten.


Always remember the following: kitchen, bathrooms, and closets sell homes. So make sure all three of those spaces are organized, clean, and clutter-free. Here are some more specific suggestions for these spaces.


Kitchens:clean kitchen

1. Clear as many appliances off of the counters to make them look as big as possible.
2. Consider re-grouting kitchen counter tiles if need be, especially if you don’t have the funds to replace with granite.
3. Clean the exterior of all of your kitchen cabinets. If you have the ability to re-paint them or re-stain them depending on the type of cabinets you have and the condition they are in, then that’s even better.
4. Add new hardware fixtures. This is an easy and inexpensive upgrade to your kitchen.
5. Make sure lighting is all in working condition and if you can easily update light fixtures, such as adding pendants then that will make for a lovely upgrade as well in your kitchen.
6. Get a new sink basket and get rid of the dirty old one.
7. Replace all kitchen mats and towels.
8. Add fresh flowers or an herb plant, such as basil on the kitchen table or somewhere on your counter. Fresh flowers and herbs always make a kitchen space more inviting.


Bathrooms: Many of the suggestions for the kitchen can be applied to the bathroom as well in regards to fresh paint, new hardware, and nice lighting. In addition you may want to consider the following too:

clean bathroom

1. Hide all of your personal items such as razors, shaving creams, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and etc.
2. Consider replacing the toilet if it looks old, stained, or dingy.
3. Buy new rugs and hand towels.
4. Place scented candles and try to create a spa-feel.
5. Buy a new shower curtain and if you want to be more decorative, then tie it back with pretty ribbons.
6. Clean glass shower doors with lime dissolving detergent if they are stained. If you can’t clean them, then consider replacing them.



1. Clean out all the clutter. It’s as simple as that for the closets. A closet should look like it has more than enough space to accommodate. If it looks over-stuffed and messy, then people will automatically assume that it is too small. So pack away, donate, or throw away items that are cluttering up your closet space.


Last, but certainly not least, make sure your home does not smell bad. That means be mindful of pet odors, and pungent food smells that could stink up your home before any showings or open houses. My suggestion is to open up windows an hour before all showings, make sure litter boxes, etc, are not in eye-view or smell view of potential buyers. This can also be applied to the backyard, where all of your dogs messes should be picked up as well. In addition, adding a lightly scented plug-in to the home may be helpful in making sure your home does not smell bad as well.


I hope these tips to getting your home ready to sell on a budget was helpful for you! Happy Selling!

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